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Student Financial Guide

Learning to manage money is an extremely important skill that everyone needs to develop. Especially when staying alone far away from home studying overseas, you need to be able to wisely manage your resources, especially when you’re still a young student. When you have good control over your spending habits, you can ensure that your credit rating is good too. In the long run, maintaining a good credit rating would help you get financial aid for studies and other expenses quite easily and at lower interest rates. Therefore, you need to really focus on developing good financial control over your resources.

Developing a good system for controlling your finances is not difficult. You can follow these simple tips to get started:

1. First of all, keep track of all the money that comes in and goes out. Maintain a ledger, either on paper or in electronic form according to your preference. Have a specific day of the week when you will enter the details of all receipts and payments faithfully into the system.

2. Apply for a credit report in order to learn about your financial health. You would then know where you stand and what you need to do to improve things financially.

3. Use the services of financial experts to set financial goals according to your capacity, resources and needs.

4. Draft a detailed budget and try to follow it with all your might.

5. Set small, short-term goals for your investments and achieve them regularly. Save a small sum of money every year and invest it wisely.

6. Learn to use a credit card judiciously. Avoid the temptation to buy something you cannot afford. Pay in cash for all your purchases. Keep your credit card payments up to date to avoid paying excess interest. Never use a credit card when you do not have enough reserves in cash. When you don’t have cash, simply don’t buy. A credit card is not a genie to get something that you can’t afford. Use it responsibly. Don’t forget, you still have to pay someday for what you purchase today.

7. Have a financial health check up regularly. When your financial health is in good condition, your physical health would also benefit from it.

Following these simple tips is extremely easy. It is just a matter of disciplining yourself to adhere to them meticulously. Once you make them a practice, your financial health will greatly improve. You will never have to worry about your financial well being when you have your spending habits under control.